What to do in Kauai? Well that’s a loaded question and it could take hours to fill you in on what you can do in Kauai. We would need to first narrow down whether you are looking for a water sport, if you are looking for activities or rather where to go.

I have taken a drive to see the island in general. Start early in the morning and go to the North End and work your way back. Just on the driving from north to the south island you will see a difference in weather. There are many beaches you can go to. If you want to snorkel go to Anini Beach. There is a huge reef there and you can always see plenty of fish there.

You can see waterfalls. There are 5 Must see waterfalls. You can see the south island area by going on an ATV ride. Check Kauai ATV.

If you just did a search in our blog / articles you’ll find enough to keep you busy for weeks. You can narrow down and start with Categories.

First you might want to schedule you stay here. You can do that by Contacting Us at (808) 346-1788 or book online. Then we could help figure out what to do.


Koloa Plantation Days

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Kauai Plantation Days - held on Kauai's south shore every year in July. The many ethnic groups that came to Hawaii to work on sugar plantations, and the Hawaiians who welcomed them, are celebrated through music, dance, costumes, and food throughout this ten-day festival. Koloa Plantation Days July 20th - 29th 2018 Held in the area where Hawaii’s first sugar plantation was founded in 1835, Koloa Plantation Days comprises a lively, family-oriented slate of events that showcase the area’s social history, its natural history, and its diverse cultural traditions. Most events are outdoors and free of charge. The Plantation Days also celebrates the immigrants who came from Philippines, Europe, the Azores, Japan, Korea, China, and elsewhere who contributed traditions, music, dances, and foods. along with the Hawaiian culture, traditions, crafts, and music which are the foundation of this island, and various events will remind us and teach us about this culture and history.

Prince Kuhio Day Celebration

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Prince Kuhio Day Celebration

The Annual Anahola Prince Kuhio Day Celebration

In March is the Annual Anahola Prince Kuhio Day Celebration. Join us at one of our favorite Kauai events, a celebration of Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole, […]


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I’ll bet your family has debated which side of Kauai is the best to stay on — the North Shore or the South Shore. You love the North because it manages […]

Snorkeling Kauai

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Snorkeling Kauai

As one of the oldest Hawaiian Islands, Kaua‘i is fringed with beautiful and pristine coral reefs that host countless numbers of beautiful tropical reef fish. While the strong winter waves can make swimming […]

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