Things To Do

Things to do while your in Poipu, Kauai, Hi. Locals know that there is an abundance of things to do while you're in Kauai, so we're going to share some of them to get you started enjoying your Vacation on the island.

Kauai Activities

KAUAI … is known as the “garden island” because it has the wettest climate and is the most lush of all of the Hawaiian islands. It is the oldest island so over eons of time the wind and rain have sculpted the landscape into some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. From the pinnacles of the Na Pali Coast to the deeply carved valleys of Waimea Canyon, the island will blow you away with its beauty.


Kauai activities like Helicopter tours are very popular here, as there is no other way to see the remote, rugged interior and the isolated coastlines. The summit of Mt. Waialeale is the wettest spot on the face of the earth,

Honopu Beach Napali Coast on Kauai
Honopu Beach Napali Coast

averaging 480 inches of rain a year. All that water carves its way down the cliffs forming countless waterfalls of every size and shape imaginable. A helicopter tour of this island is our highest recommendation; we just can’t imagine spending thousands of dollars to come to Kauai on vacation and not spending the extra $250 or so to see this magnificent place from the air.

Eventually all that water finds its way to the lowland streams. The Wailua River is the only navigable waterway in the Hawaiian islands; another of our favorite tours takes you by kayak up the river with a hike to a secluded secret waterfall.



The Activity of Mountain Tubing through the ditches and tunnels that were carved over 100 years ago to channel water from the rain forest to the thirsty sugar cane plantations that once thrived here. This tour is extremely popular (especially in the summertime) and is often sold out more than a week in advance!


Another must-do event is to experience the rugged cliffs, sea caves, waterfalls, and towering spires of the Na Pali Coast. We offer a wide range of tours to this wilderness … ocean rafting, sea kayaking, sailing catamaran, sunset cruises … and of course helicopter tours fly over this area as well.

Kauai ATV Buggy Ride through Kauai back areas
Kauai ATV

Kauai also has a variety of great zipline tours, ATV adventures, horseback riding, luaus … you really can do it all on this amazing island! Each of these adventures can be easily reached from our Kauai Vacation Rental at Poipu Beach in the most Southern part of the Island.