Cleaning Guidelines

Post Stay At Home Orders

As a hospitality provider we have been placed in a position throughout the pandemic to somewhat sit on the sidelines due toGarden Island Hospitality LLC Cleaning Standards forced business closures. In late March we, as well as all other Short Term Rental Businesses were regarded as a non-essential business and shortly thereafter ordered not to provide lodging to visitors.

While we were not providing services and lodging to guests we had plenty of opportunity to listen to Health Experts, Governmental Authorities and see what was working to mitigate the effects and the spread of the COVID-19 Virus. We witnessed in many instances, and we know what it will take to promote a safe atmosphere for individuals to want to stay at our property. Being in a low density atmosphere, we have an advantage over Hotels and other large complexes.

We do not require checking in (no lobbies or check-in agents), you can go straight to our Kauai Vacation Home we are on the first floor (no elevator or stairs), have an electronic deadbolt (no keys or cards), we have an entry that is away from others and directly open to the outdoors (no confined spaces or hallways), With separate living spaces from the bedroom, its own laundry amenities and the fully-equipped kitchen that allows you to create home-cooked meals the whole family loves, with us you don’t need to eat 3 meals among many other people increasing exposure. Our Vacation Home is Vacation Ready with naturally built-in distancing from others.

Enhanced Cleaning Guidelines

  1. We have though enhanced our cleaning processes and the preparation of our property to meet suggested CDC Guidelines. A thorough process of Cleaning and Sanitizing. Our cleaning staff use masks throughout the time they are cleaning and sanitizing the home we are using only disposable / single use cleaning tools, canister vacuums to avoid cross-contamination. Special attention given to high-touch items such as door handles, light switches, telephones, remote controls, drapery pulls, furniture knobs, appliances, faucet handles, remote controls Utensils, cutlery and crockery, chairs, tables, bed frames, and toilet and shower handles. We will continue prioritizing, waste bins & receptacles, cleaning equipment left for guests, guest information, brochures and menus.
  2. Spare blankets, sheets and pillows are in sealed containers once cleaned so if a guest does not use them they are not contaminated. Linens will continue to be washed at the highest temperatures and completely dried prior to redressing the bed,
  3. No other individuals are allowed to enter the home after it has been sanitized for a Guest’s use, and we ask that guests refrain from inviting others into their vacation home environment,
  4. The length of time allotted for the cleaning and sanitizing process is anticipated to take more time to accomplish, therefore this unfortunately will not allow us to provide early arrivals and late departures so it does not disrupt the enhanced cleaning process,
  5. It is customary in Hawaii that we do and we will continue to ask guests to remove their shoes prior to entering the home and leaving them outside the door,
  6. Leaving sanitizing / cleaning products available so our Guests may wash hands and forearms as soon as they enter the home from any other location,
  7. Guest Welcome Kit is left for your arrival containing a starter supply of individually packaged single-use amenities and bath supplies,
  8. It is highly suggested that guests continue social distancing practices during their stay whenever they depart the Rental Home. During stays we encourage our guests to self-monitor themselves for symptoms, follow the advice of local authorities and to seek medical assistance if needed.
  9. Our previous process of contactless check-in and check-out and the use of our electronic door hardware will continue providing additional safety measures for our guests.

We will of course be a bit more inquisitive of our incoming guests, asking things like: “In the last two weeks, have you or anyone you live with traveled to any areas impacted by COVID-19?” and “Do you currently have any travel restrictions in your area due to COVID-19?” And for those able, we would prefer longer stays vs a shorter one to lessen the foot traffic and the extra time involved in the cleaning process for the next guest. We are committed to maintaining exceptionally high standards so that our guests, who look forward to vacationing with us, can feel confident that “Our Vacation Destination is Vacation Ready” for them so they can great memories with us.

These guidelines have been implemented based upon publicly available information from the World Health Organization (WHO), the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Neither of these organizations endorse these cleaning guidelines. Neither My Kauai Vacation Rental or Garden Island Hospitality, LLC make any representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability of these cleaning guidelines. The reliance on these guidelines is not a guarantee against contracting COVID-19 virus. These guidelines are subject to change based on new information arising. For the most up-to-date information, please refer to the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and your local health authority.