Why Are We Making A Change?

As we move to the “Greener Environment,” we also have been looking at ways to improve our own utility usages in our Vacation Rental. Being in an area where we have limited options for powering our home, our only choice is electric hot water heating, electric ovens and stove tops. This combined with the usual refrigerators, air conditioners, washer & dryers, we such a bunch of electricity each month. We’ve started years ago replacing lighting with LED vs incandescent and fluorescent bulbs and with more economical, effective cooking options coming around we are beginning the process of upgrading our appliances.

The Solution is Bosch

The choice for our new cooktops are changing to Bosch induction. Induction cooking is widely loved by chefs and home cooks, but is still not yet widely known by many consumers! Induction cooktops work a little differently from a traditional gas cooktop but there are many benefits—induction uses the cookware to generate the heat for faster, more efficient heating. When you place a pan on an induction cooktop and turn on the cooktop, an electric current travels through a coiled copper wire, which produces and applies heat directly to your pan.

Heating the cookware directly prevents heat loss (plus, the area surrounding your pan remains cool to the touch, since only your pan gets heated). The main advantages of induction cooking you’ll immediately notice are the speed of cooking and also the ease of clean-up.

After a bunch of investigation, we chose the Bosch units because of many of its technological differences. It most of all is not only more cost effective to use but it obtains better results and that was important to us as we look at guest satisfaction as a Vacation Rental.

If you’re interested in these products for your own home, here are a couple of links that may be useful:

About the Bosch Induction Cooktops

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See what it’s like to cook on induction

Achieve culinary excellence with Bosch induction cooktops, where precise temperature control takes center stage. Discover the satisfaction of achieving beautiful searing, mastering golden crusts, and consistently attaining flawless results. Bosch induction cooktops allow you to exercise complete mastery over temperature, granting you the power to create culinary masterpieces with confidence.

Additional Benefits of Bosch Induction cooktops are than They are Safe, Energy Efficient, Easy to Clean and Require Little Maintenance.

Because of the cooking style, they do need to have Induction Compatible Cookware. This was an easy choice. I had a dislike for the existing pots and pans. They have been used for some time by guests and not everyone knows that even though it is Non Stick they need to be treated differently than an ordinary pan. Metal utensils are not the best for non stick. Stacking in the cupboard with a smaller pan inside another can even damage some finishes and sticking them in the dishwasher can also cause damage because of the high heat in the dry cycle.

Induction Capable Pot & Pan Choice

This choice also took some investigation. At home, I have a Professional Chef Style & Brand for use. I needed something that would be more friendly than a stainless steel pots & pans for guests use. Stainless cooks extremely well, but they are far from being maintenance friendly. Sometimes depending on what is being cooked, the aftermath takes some time removing sear marks.

I have been seeing many commercials for Anolon. I read testimonials. I began with looking for critical ones, which were few. Many of those in my opinion, could have been user error?

Why I like

The reasons I decided to give Anolon a try are that they have a Superior Non Stick Surface, they Keep the Oil in the Center of the Pan, the Handles Stay Cool, with the Induction Cooktop they are going to have Fast Even Heating, and Are Easy to Clean. Another considerations I used are: how much precision and detail is put into manufacturing (Craftsmanship), the technology involved and how will the manufacturer stands behind the product.

This should be a perfect pairing for an Energy Saving, High Performance and Hope to Blow Away Guest Expectations and then be less Maintenance for me.  I anticipate have to less to deal with as a manager when it comes to out cleaning and preparation for the next guest as it is on the existing electric element glass stove tops. I have high expectations on how this pairing will function.

I can’t wait to see the guests’ reviews once they have the opportunity to use this technology.