Drier Winter Weather Than Usual for 2023

After a dry summer, our winter “wet” season isn’t expected to be very wet. That is the prediction for Hawaii Weather from the National Weather Service wet season outlook. “Our wet season hasn’t started essentially,” stated National Weather Service Hydrologist Kevin Kodama.

Hawaii’s winter season outlook; Our upcoming winter “wet” season is not expected to be particularly wet, following a dry summer. The Hydrologist, Kevin Kodama, states that the wet season hasn’t started yet, which is unusual for this time of year. This is because the cold fronts are kept away from the state for longer during the El Nino weather pattern, therefore causing high-pressure systems to sit above the state for an extended period, leading to sunny days and limited rainfall. This El Nino weather pattern is expected to cause a longer dry season, meaning the current drought conditions are likely to expand and worsen, leading to hazardous wintertime brush fires.
This could be the seasonal outlook for Hawaii weather, but because of a milder winter outlook it could also be an extension for travelers coming to Hawaii to escape their own winter snows and rains. It does seem in years prior that the change in Hawaii’s weather during the winter season to taper. It’s a bit harder to enjoy outdoor activities while keeping dry, so could it be good news to already slow tourism sector? It will be interesting to see if with the current state of economy and expectations of the U.S. consumer spending to slow. Could it be different this year? Hawaii’s tourism numbers have been slower than 2022 so we could use any extension of good weather to bring visitors from areas having harsher Winter weather.
See the prediction from Article posted on KITV Island News